Investor Centre

The Fortuna Group is made up of shareholders that include the founding family, long-term employees and agricultural investors who understand farming.  Becoming a shareholder in Fortuna is possible but subject to a minimum investment (currently set at NZ$750,000) and/or being able to satisfy specific investor criteria and passing the suitability tests. 

For those who meet the requirements, the Fortuna Group offers an opportunity to join a proud farming company that’s committed to the future of dairy and has a clear strategy to get there:

  • We will optimise our assets.  That’s through proactive portfolio management, genetic herd optimisation and adopting technology as an enabler.
  • We will be Custodians of the Land.  Each farm has a plan as we work to reduce our environmental footprint and ready the land for future generations of farmers.
  • We will have the highest levels of operational excellence.  We have a track record of excellence in cows and grass.  There’ll be more of that as waste is eliminated and we optimise the genetic potential of our herds.
  • We will have high performing and engaged teams.  With Health & safety coursing through our culture, the Fortuna Academy providing on-going learning, we’ll attract and retain the very best farmers and support staff.

For more information please contact Matthew Richards at