Gleneden Dairies

Owned and operated by Fortuna Group since June 2014.

218 Ota Creek Road, RD 3, Wyndham 9893


218 Ota Creek Road, RD 3, Wyndham 9893

Title Area

490 ha

Effective Area

453 ha


1285 Dairy cows

Gleneden Dairies

Gleneden is a dairy farm operation 43km from Invercargill near Brydone. The farm sits on combined soil types of Waikoikoi, Woodlands and Edendale.

The cool temperate climate of Southland offers reliable summer rainfall and the farm’s 386 hectares receive an average annual rainfall of 1,115mm. Gleneden is home to 1,285 dairy cows.

Predominantly flat contour with 22% rolling (easterly aspect). Milking shed is an 80 bail rotary and is centrally sited built in 2002. The farm boasts a good level of improvements.

Joseph Israel (Herd manager at Gleneden) was awarded the Staff Excellence trophy in 2018. Gleneden Dairies team took out the Fortuna Farm Pride award in 2019.


Contract Milkers: Scott Mackereth and team