Controlling Weeds & Pests

Controlling Weeds & Pests

Environment & Sustainability

Mar 22, 2022

Gorse and holly spreads quickly without action, whilst possums enjoy a munch on berries and native fauna, robbing native birds of their food supply.  So as part of a jointly funded initiative with Environment Southland and the QEII National Trust, we're working hard to keep both under control.

At Piriti 3, we found some quite large groves throughout the bush.  The majority of the them were cut down and pasted but a few bigger ones needed a drill and fill.  There's more work to be done here.  This is just the first skirmish with the scourge of invasive weeds.

Over at Peat View, the largest of the two peat bogs was under attack from holly.  We've managed to get rid of the worst of it but a follow up visit will be needed.  The gorse to the interior was easily dealt with, as was the holly by the smaller peat bog (to the western side).

We suspect there are very high possum numbers in both blocks, so we've left them a few bait stations to feed at.  Hopefully that'll stop them.  We'll see, as they are certainly persistent little pests.