The Birds are Back

Environment & Sustainability

Nov 24, 2021

2014 saw the inclusion and development of Atanga into Elya. Atanga is a 365 hectare native riparian and wetlands area, secured for future caretakers in perpetuity by passing it over to the QE11 Trust.

The block was recently inspected by the Trust, who are pleased with the progress made, describing them as "progressing well".  Generally it takes about 10 years to note significant improvements in vegetation, which we have assisted by introducing a programme of native plantings.  The general “look” of the blocks is improving and we're keeping up with the Broom control annually.

The Mayfly life in the stream is excellent, suggesting the water quality to this point is in good condition.  Also, the delightful sounds of SI Fern Birds can be heard in the gully once more.